Discover the Powerful Secrets to a Second Chance Letter

Magic second chance letter example to get your ex back!

It’s sad but relationship breakups and divorces are just a fact of life that can be devastating to everyone involved. No one is immune. What really hurts, is when you were the one trying to keep it together and they wanted no part of it.  Now it’s over…Or is it?

In a hurry, magic second chance letter examples at the bottom of this post! 

Second Chance Letter

Second chance letter example


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This can be extremely powerful if you follow the exact method. You really have nothing to lose right, but…You do have everything to gain.  So, I want to give you something amazing that I have no doubt will help with your struggles.

Powerful Second Chance Letter Explained

Listen, I am going to explain the “magic” of a second chance letter. This will give you an opening back into their heart and mind and a great start to get back with your ex back.

To make this work, the letter needs to be unique. Before you get your iPhone out and want to text or email them just stop. You’re not going to want to type, email or text this letter. Oh no, you need to use the power of the handwritten letter because it will be out of the ordinary. When was the last time she got a handwritten note from you? See it’s extremely “unusual” so you can bet they will read it.

Why will this “magic” letter work?

The purpose of this letter is to let them know that you’re okay and you do not have a problem with the break up. Let me say, this will create a vacuum in their mind.

It’s amazing because it allows their mind to start to miss and want you again. Notice I said “allows”. See, their mind can’t possibly start to miss you or want you back…if consciously and/or subconsciously they know that they can just pick up the phone or snap their fingers and poof, you’re there like a love sick puppy falling all over yourself. This is not the way one would go about getting your ex back.

Hello, Does that make any sense?

Use The Powerful Psychological Factors To Your Advantage

1. Most people have a tendency to take things for granted.

2. Most people will fight ten times harder to save from losing something…than to gain something.

3. We all tend to want what we can’t have.

4. We all tend to want even more…what is JUST out of our grasp.

Get your ex back kiss

Works like magic!

Follow these 3 major guidelines for your “magic” second chance letter to work!

I am going to show you an actual second chance letter example. But first you will need to follow these guidelines in order so you will know how to get your ex back.

Your #1 goal and the first thing you want to do is demonstrate calmness and complete acceptance of your breakup. I want you to know, this is extremely important especially if you really blew it and went crazy when you first broke up.

The second part is to make a very brief apology for acting crazy, desperate or for something hurtful you did. Make sure it is something small because you don’t want to say ”Oh, by the way, I’m sorry for the affair.” Remember to keep it brief probably no more than a few sentences.

The last part is where you want to pique their curiosity and plant a happy image of you in their mind. An effective way to do this is to mention something great or wonderful that has just happened to you. This will paint a picture of you in their mind as being happy and fortunate. Now, it’s not possible to be happy and desperate at the same time.

Before you send your letter, you will want to find something that you are fortunate about. It can be something as simple as running into an old high school friend but you want to make sure it is not a lie. Just don’t say what it is in your letter.

In closing, let them know you both need some space or you need to take a break but you would like to fill them in on your fortune or good luck.

Situation hopeless? Try second chance letter to get your ex back

Situation hopeless? Try second chance letter to get your ex back


Now here is an example of a magic second chance letter. This is a powerful method, if used properly, will help you with how to get your ex back.

How To Get Your Ex Back Second Chance Letter


Just wanted to write a short note to let you know that I am totally okay with your decision to call it quits.

Can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

I wanted to also let you know how sorry I am for not being there for you and treating you with the respect you deserve. I apologize that I’ve hurt you.

Oh! Some good news! I had a fantastic change in fortune and luck the other day. Funny timing…huh?

Love to fill you in…but in the future. You and I both need some space right now.


Now, when you send this letter you can bet they will call. So what’s your next move!

You should have a plan. This is a great opening move on how to get your ex back but this is just one step in the whole process. If you don’t have a plan, it very well can blow up on you. You are now at a fork in the road to get your ex back.

The way I see it…

You have two choices.

You can keep on searching for more how to get your ex back information but it is mostly going to be more general in nature then the information you discovered here or…

You can take action and use this second chance letter along with an easy step by step blueprint that will give you a huge advantage.

Get your ex back

Win Your Ex Back!

I want to personally recommend a system I used to get my wife back. It’s called “The Magic of Making Up”.

I know this system isn’t for everyone but it has helped me as well as over 50,000 couples in just over 70 countries.

If you liked the “magic” second chance letter technique, there’s a lot more you will discover with the Magic of Making Up system. I have no doubt you will know how to get your ex back.

The next step is up to you. Nothing is going to happen unless you take action. You certainly don’t have anything to loose.

This is your guarantee taken direct from the official site:

“Order and download The Magic Of Making Up. If you are not back together with your ex within 60 days…or you are not absolutely delighted for any reason…You will receive a prompt and courteous refund.”

When I read the guarantee and saw the unbelievable low cost, I had to try this system. I knew couldn’t loose so it was a no brainer for me.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out to see if it is right for you.

Click on how to get your ex back and win their heart back starting with a second chance letter.

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Did Score Keeping Ruin Your Relationship?

No matter what you may have heard, it takes two to make or break a relationship. You aren’t the sole reason your breakup happened. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you’ve done along the way that contributed to the end. One of the biggest problems in relationships, and one that is more common than most people realize, is a practice called keeping score.

You may have a fight and even make up after the fight, but in the back of your mind, you’re marking off numbers on a scorecard your partner has never even seen. When need fights occur, you’re adding fouls and other offenses to this scorecard and the fight grows into so much more than it started out as.

You know what I’m talking about. You’re having a fight over dinner being late and suddenly the fight’s about something that happened last year when he didn’t defend you when his mother was overly critical. This is bad for the relationship for many reasons. These are just a few.

Nothing is Ever Solved

Not really solved, anyway. The other person has moved on and forgotten about the old argument. Then suddenly he or she is being held responsible for something they thought had been sorted out and made up for in the past. To them it feels like a sucker punch and that’s not a good feeling.

Fighting is a normal part of relationships. The purpose is to RESOLVE issues. When you pretend all is well for a while and then bring it up at a later date, it leaves the other person feeling doubly hurt and somewhat betrayed.

It Breeds Resentment

Unfortunately, when you’re keeping score and resolving nothing, you’re rehashing old arguments and emotional injuries just beneath the surface. You’re walking around in a state of unresolved hurt and growing resentment all the time. It’s not healthy for you and may leave your partner scratching his or her head at times trying to understand why you’re so angry all the time.

Compounds the Real Problems in the Relationship

Finally, when you have this running score going on in your head of perceived slights and injuries (some things you’ve probably never even so much as mentioned to your partner), they’re only serving to compound the real problems in the relationship.

This means that when the time comes to begin working on what’s broken, you have to sift through all the clutter to get to the heart and soul of the problem in your relationship. Too often, you expend precious time and energy trying to sort through the old issues that you never get to the real problem.

That’s when breakups happen. That’s when the two of you give up and then, more often than not, live with regrets over what could have been. Is it too late? I don’t believe it’s ever too late. But, you will ultimately have to eliminate the scorecard and leave it behind you for good if you want to have an honest shot at a second chance.

Click Here if you want a second chance to fix your relationship.

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Could a New Mattress Bring Back the Spark to Your Relationship?

Can It be? Is it really possible that a new mattress can reignite the flames in a burned out relationship? There is a lot to be said about getting a good night sleep and the effects it can have in your life.

Many things have a profound impact on your mental and physical health. Very few of those things have the far-reaching implications on all aspects of health and well being as sleep, or lack thereof. Getting a good night’s sleep can change the course of your day. Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to a wide range of health problems including obesity, fatigue, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and even erectile dysfunction.

In other words, it’s no laughing matter. But, do you know that changing your mattress can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep? It’s true. Different mattresses work best for people who sleep in different ways. For instance, people who sleep on their backs, often sleep best with firm mattresses that provide additional back support. Those who sleep on their sides, fare better with medium firm or plush top mattresses that offer an adequate amount of support with a little additional cushioning for the pressure points.

The critical thing to remember is that a new mattress can breathe new life into your relationship by helping you both get a proper amount of sleep at night. That’s one reason the Sleep Number mattresses that allow you to each choose the firmness or softness on your side of the bed are so popular. They allow you to both get the right support where you need it for a great night’s sleep. Here are a few of the ways mattresses revive the spark in struggling relationships.

Decrease Irritability With A Good Night Sleep

When you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep, you’re not nearly as irritable and snappy as you are after one night of sleeplessness, much less months or even years of restless sleep. Irritability leads to fights, which ultimately leave someone sleeping on the couch, in yet another unpleasant sleeping arrangement. There may be sparks, but these are not the sparks you’re looking for.

A New Mattress Is More Comfortable

The bottom line is that a new mattress is more comfortable. That allows you to fall asleep faster and makes you more likely to remain asleep once you manage to get there. It also means you’re going to wake up feeling more rested and without the aches and creaks from sleeping without adequate support or from doing late night gymnastics trying to get comfortable.

Get Energized

You’ll have more of it. It’s that simple. You’ll wake up feeling more energized and better prepared to face the day. More importantly, that positive energy will last throughout your day rather than giving out promptly at 2:00 in the afternoon.

There are some sleep problems; however, a new mattress won’t cure. You’re on your own with snoring partners and midnight baby feedings. For most other sleep-related problems, a new mattress, the right new mattress, is a great start. Try it and see just how soon sparks, the good kind, are flying in your relationship.

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Is Now the Right Time to Get Back Together With Your Ex?

The decision to get back together with your ex may have been on your mind for quite a while. In fact, this may be the one recurring theme in your mind since the moments immediately following the breakup. No one likes being dumped. It hurts. It makes you feel as though you have no control over what’s going on in your life and it leaves you feeling powerless and at the mercy of your emotions. None of these are good feelings. Add them to the broken heart you’re suffering from and the pain my seem unbearable.

As difficult as the concept seems at the moment, this will pass in time. You must be willing to take the time to allow it to happen though. That’s often the most difficult part of the healing process. After all, we live in an “on demand” society. We want fast cash, fast food, fast checking, express elevators, and even express rides at amusement parks. The wait for your broken heart to recover might seem interminable. That’s why so many people decide that getting back together with your ex is the quick fix to all your pain problems. However, that can create more problems than it eliminates if you don’t take a little time to plan every part of the process carefully.

A Proper Plan Takes Time

Time is something you really do have. It’s also worth taking at a time like this. Most people make critical mistakes within the first 48-hours of a breakup that put their efforts to win an ex back behind by months – or longer. If you took the time to take a step back and plan it out properly, these mistakes could easily have been avoided. More importantly, you’d have had time to a do, at the very least, a little cursory research to find out exactly what they are.

You Must be Committed

If you really want to win your ex back, you must be committed to the cause, even if the plan you’re following seems counter-intuitive (the best plans do). This isn’t a quickie fix. If you’re trying to get back together with your ex, chances are good that there’s a reason the relationship ended in the first place. You’re must be committed to the part of making positive, lasting changes (don’t worry, most of them are completely painless) in order to make things work this time around.

What if the Answer is No?

Despite the best planning on your part, the answer you get is sometimes not the answer you want. You may lose a battle or two along the way. That doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily lost the war.

It is, however, time to fall back, regroup, and renew. More importantly, it’s time for a change of tactics. I can help you with that!

So, is now the right time to get back together with your ex? When you are ready to get your ex back click here.

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Text the Romance Back and Fuel Their Passion for You

Text the Romance Back with Romantic Text Messages

I know you are probably wondering… Why in the world would I be talking to you about how to text the romance back in your relationship when you are just trying to get back with your ex and just need a magic letter. My thinking is this… Perhaps if their had been a little more romance with your ex wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend then it’s very possible you would still be together. Just saying, relationships are much more exciting, loving and long lasting when romance is plentiful.

Click on the picture below to watch the video with Rachel Ray and see her reaction and the audience to just one of Michael’s appreciation text’s. This so simple and easy, you can try it out immediately and I’ll bet you’ll get the same results.

rray-talking about text the romance back

I just went through Michael Fiore’s Text the Romance Back 2.0 and was totally blown away. Michael gave me the perfect solution to resurrect the romance in my life. It has fueled the passion in my marriage like I’ve never experienced before.

I’m not blowing smoke…

If the romance in your marriage or relationship has been like a ghost town you need to keep reading.

Text The Romance Back is a sure fire way to Stir up the Passion

Think about it… text messaging is so easy and it’s become one of our most direct forms of communication. This is the perfect situation for you to send simple love text messages to your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife.

Young woman sending romantic text messages

Use romantic text messages

Text the Romance back might be a bit awkward for some people but it’s a sure fire way for you to reconnect and start stirring up those passionate feelings like you had when you first met. All because of Michaels specific done for you love texts.

Fiore dives deep into the psyche of human nature and taps into the primal instincts of both males and females! He teaches you how to connect (mentally) in ways that you didn’t know existed! The effects of using Michael’s simple romantic messages have on the opposite sex are nothing short of amazing!

You’re already having a private conversation with the one you love or just really, really like without anyone being able to hear or even know what’s happening. In certain situations, they won’t be able to answer their cell phone but you can send them your love sms. They may not be able to respond immediately but you know they’ve read your romantic text message just because everyone will read their texts.

Is Text the Romance Back Right For You?

Woman sending love text messages

It’s easy to send love texts

After going through this entire system there really isn’t anyone that wouldn’t benefit from Michael Fiore’s Text the Romance Back.

Not in a relationship… it would still be great information because you know it will not be long and love will be knocking at the door once again. If you are still in love with your ex and want them back you should start with Text Your Ex Back. There will be a time you will want to use romantic text messages on your boyfriend or girlfriend.

In a stale relationship… then this could definitely help but you would want to start out slowly and work your way up to the romantic text messages.

Your Relationship is really good… it can and will take it up another notch to make things a little spicier. You would just begin with the more advanced techniques to start sending your love texts.

Just starting to date… you are not left out because Michael has included sections for flirting through text and covers text dating. Perfect for couples that are getting to know one another and you will benefit from the whole Text the Romance Back program.

30 Day Plan To Text The Romance Back

People text the romance back

Text the romance back in your life

Michael has created a curriculum that you use at least twice a week. Things start off simple, clean and flirty. But by the end of the program (in week 4) if you’ve mastered each of the previous steps, the chemistry will be back in your relationship and everything will be HOT, HEAVY, & DIRTY!!! In a good way, Woo Hoo!

Week 1 – Here you will start laying the foundation for bringing the romance back in the shortest amount of time. These cute text messages will have the power to send shivers throughout their entire body just because they will feel appreciated, desired and wanted.

Week 2 – You will begin using what Michael calls Curiosity Magnets and Bait Questions that will engage them to start interacting with you and playing along.

Week 3 – Here you are getting to the more advanced texting with what is called the Relationship Time Machine and the Text Massage. The first technique will have them rediscover the feelings they had for you like in the beginning of your relationship when everything was so wonderful and perfect. The other is a powerful method for getting PHYSICAL but not sexual over text. Michael said “This is one of my most powerful techniques, and it’s been known to make even tough dudes literally break down crying.”

Week 4 – This week you will be using advanced sensual texts that are capable of turning on your lover with the power of two thumbs. This is all about digital foreplay with romantic text messages you can use while you’re at home together.

In Version 2.0 Fiore expands the teachings, and includes a section on how to use his techniques on a single person. The book was initially geared towards couples not necessarily those that wanted to get their ex back, but his customers were asking if he’d create something for them too! Let me tell you what, he delivers in spades!

Once you’ve begun applying what you learn chances are your partner/companion will notice a change in you and ask you why? You simply whip out your eBook and share it with them! Before long, you and your partner will find yourself falling in love again, and the times that you share both physically and over romantic text messages will be filled with PASSION!

I didn’t read version 1, but Text the Romance Back 2.0 has shattered any pre-conceived notions and fears that I had prior to reading it.

There’s no doubt Text the Romance Back works perfectly and will help anyone with romance issues but if you are having serious problems in your relationship or maybe it has even ended but you still have feelings for them; you might want to go check out the letters to get your ex back. A perfect start to process of getting your ex back. There is also another excellent program that Michael Fiore offers that is called Text Your Ex Back that uses simple little text messages to get them thinking about you in only good ways.

If your wanting to spice things up and get the romance back then…

Ladies and Gentlemen, do yourselves a favor and get a copy now! You will be “Thanking God” because it helps you to regain the romance and possibly save your relationship with your “Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Husband/Wife.

CLICK HERE to visit the Text the Romance Back official website.

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Why Do Men Lie?

Why do men lie to women they love?

Now for the first time you will understand… Why do men lie to the women in their lives? Have you ever been lied to by your boyfriend or your husband?

If you’ve ever been lied to by a man or had your heart broken, you might want to watch this amazing video right now. You’ll be in total shock when you discover why your man lies to you.

Warning: Michael pulls no punches and this isn’t for the faint of heart. Remember, this was a very candid study. Continue reading

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Texts To Get Your Ex Back|Revive the Attraction, Love, Passion and Romance

Emotionally Engaging Texts To Get Your Ex Back

What if there was a way you could just use simple little texts to get your ex back? Just imagine…sending little text messages to your significant other and they would return to you with open arms or at least respond back to your text messages. Is it possible? Can it be?

Texts to get your ex back Continue reading

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How To Get Back Your Ex – Miss This Crucial Step and Your History!

Life, unfortunately, is filled with many struggles and can be an emotional roller coaster. Losing your love is an extremely emotional trauma. Right now, I’m sure your ex is constantly on your mind and even in your dreams so you can’t help but wonder how to get back your ex. This can be very tricky and one wrong move you could risk losing your love of your life forever. Continue reading

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How To Get Your Ex Back – How To Start

You and I both know how extremely difficult, if not impossible, it is to move on with our lives when we are suffering from a broken heart. Your thoughts are consumed by her and the constant memories of the times that you shared. Your heart is hurting so much that you are looking how to get your ex back and how to start.

Would you like the first clue where to begin? Continue reading

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